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Its difficult for an individual to forget roots, culture and the AUTHENTIC HOMETOWN FLAVOURS. We can move away from these things but the nostalgia, the memories always remain with us and sooner or later we crave for our hometown flavours. In the present busy lifestyle of big cities, SWEEDESI BRINGS BACK THESE MEMORIES, NOSTALGIA AND FLAVOURS CLOSE TO YOU.

The name SweeDesi is comes from "SWEETS+ DESI" i.e. the Sweets and flavours which are Traditional, Authentic,Unadulterated with no preservatives. In the current busy and hectic life, the ready availability of our hometown flavours gives us a nostalgic feeling and closeness to our roots.

We love SWEETS AND SNACKS and would love to go that extra mile to get the real taste. We all have settled in places away from home. Though new places give us new friends, and new opportunities to explore.

But we all do MISS OUR HOMETOWN DELICACIES and many times crave a lot for that "LOCAL HALWAI'S" famous authentic sweets from our hometowns. Most of the time we wait for our relatives to visit us and carry these delicacies along with them or visit our native places to get them. Both of these options happen on very rare occasions and we miss these tasty sweets and snacks in our day-to-day life.
So one fine day we sat
and thought about how to get these fresh sweets from our native places as fast as possible and that's how "Sweedesi" was born.

We are creating an ecosystem for small regional players to bring them on a global platform and build a Logitech company for hyperlocal intercity delivery at an affordable cost.

Why are we different from others:

We source these authentic desi "flavours" and regional savours from the best regional vendors who are known for generations for these amazing delicacies. Any product tastes awesome when it is fresh, pure and made with love and that’s why at SweeDesi, we deliver these sweets and snacks to you with the fastest possible delivery time and multiple packaging layers to keep these sweets intact.

Our ultimate goal is make your taste buds aware of the different traditional delicacies which you might not have heard.

Enjoy and relish the authentic regional savoury, popular and indigenous to the place of its origin. So if its Sondesh, it will directly come from Kolkata,Ghewar from Jaipur, Mathura Peda from Brij Bhoomi, Mathura - ALL FRESHLY PREPARED!. We strive to bring you the rarest of savouries, not easily available everywhere. And if you want something else famous of a place, do let us know. We will be happy to quench your thirst for your hometown flavours. Somewhere, sometime we all have enjoyed one of these delicacies. Now relive the nostalgic memories of your beautiful past and ENJOY YOUR FAVOURITE SWEETS AT SWEEDESI.


FSSAI License - 12222999000322


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