Gangaur Box 2

The Gangaur Festival is a celebration of the togetherness of the Godly couple Shiva and Gowri, as also the harvest season. The name Gangaur is a combination of Gana for Shiva and Gowri or Parvathi, signifying worship of both. The term “Gangaur” is comprised of “Gan” and “Gaur” where the prior refers to Shiva and the latter to Gauri. The Gangaur festival marks the worship and propitiation of Gauri, by the womenfolk, in various parts of Central and Western India, majorly Rajasthan. The womenfolk celebrate the festival of Gangaur with great zeal and devotion, praying to Goddess Parvati/Gauri to bless them with a bountiful spring that’s full of harvest, and also marital harmony.


Contents - 

  • Meetha Ghewar - 1Pc
  • Special handmade Gangaur Box
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