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Mawa Kachori

Note : Only available in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur

It is believed that kachoris, the round lip smacking street snack orginated on the streets of Rajasthan and is one of the oldest member of the traditional Indian Street food family .It is known as the snack of the traders, where the traders easily filled their stomachs with this easy to eat dish while conducting business. With multiple varieties and fillings found across India, the piping hot kachoris made by the authentic halwais are a part of every Indian household and enjoyed by every generation. Everytime you eat a kachori from a new place, you discover a different type of stuffing. Can anyone relate to it? Mawa Kachori is the sweet sibling of the savory snack. Filled with exotic ingredients like mixed nuts and mawa, and dipped in the sweet sugary syrup, this snack, brought straight from where it was originally created, will surely satisfy your mild sugar craving in the most authentic way.

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